Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Taylor would like a robot!!!!

YES, Because when I'm grounded and my mom wont let me have friends over to play i would be able to play with my robot instead. Also when my room is messy and I'm to lazy to clean my room, the robot could do it for me, and it could take the dog out, do dishes, take the trash out. And another reason I want a robot is so it can do all my homework so i don't get mad, confused, or upset, in case it's to hard for me or if i can't figure it out. And last but not least the reason i would want a robot is that it sounds amazing to have one to do all the work for me!!!!:^)


I would want a robot because I wouldn't have to clean my room. I would always have someone to play with. I would have it pack my suitecase!

Molly's Reason She Wants A Robot

Yes. I want a robot because sometimes when I want to go outside or play with my friends my mom want let me because my room is a mess. If I had a robot I would be able to go outside and get exercise. Also I saw on the Internet when I Goggled robots that they can play games with you and dance. They looked like a lot of fun.

Taijia's Why I Think We Should Have A Robot

Yes because they can help you in hospitals buy picking up people that you cant pick up.Also it can help around the house.They can help by doing the dishes and cleaning your room when it needs it.I think having a robot would be a wonderful thing.

Makayla's Robot Work

No because the people that do not have alot of money and are homeless can not afford it. Also people might not like the idea . The robots might be mean to people and the robots might tell the people what to do. The people that made the robots mean can control the planet.
i would like to have a robot because it could clean the house.when im boured i could play games with it.i would have company and not be by myself.we would have could help me with my would be my best friend.

Kliegh's oppinion about robots

Yes, because when you need help cleaning your room or doing the dishes the robot will help you clean your room and the dishes.

kayla g

yes,I would love to have a robot in my home because if i had a guset coming over i could have it clean.if i was sleeping i could have it make me brekfest.i would love to have a robot in my home.

sandra's opinion about robots in your home

My opinion about robots in homes is no because we can become lazy about cleaning our home. If there is a robot in your home you might get the idea that it will do every thing for you. The robots might not even let you go out of the house because it will want to take over your job and your life. There might be a electrical problem where it wont be able to be fixed and then what ever the robot cost that money would be down the drain. The point is that I don't think robots are a very good idea in a home because of all the problems that could happen.

Noahs Opinion about Having a Robot

I would love to have a robot. I would make it
keep my house clean. It would also keep
keep my house safe. I would
exersise so I don't get obese and slow. My
robot woubd also encurage me to stay active.

Why i don't want a robot

I rather not have a robot for two reasons.One,because my children and grandchildren won't know how to clean correctly.And two,because if you have a robot you'll be lazy and might become fat.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my opinion about robots BY HALLIE COAD

My opinion is on both sides , of having a robot in your home , and to not have a robot in your home. I think having a robot in your house would be the coolest thing ever when it comes to,cleaning your room,washing the dishes,and making your bed, and that would be the coolest thing's to not have to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And here's my other side of the story . Also when you have a robot you become lazier and lazier everyday and then you get fat And being fat is not fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those are the two reasons that i want a robot in my house and why i don't want one in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROBOTS CAN BE THE COOLEST THINGS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is my tiny article!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittany's opinion

I don't think so because some people like to do there own work like me .Also because people would think your lazy .Last thing is because Idon't think robots would do a very good job because there like a machine.
I do not think that we should have robots in every household because the robots could kill you.Another reason that I think we should not have robots is because you could become fat because they get you anything you want.I think we need to have are own responsibilities.

vivica yes or no

Well i think it would be fun to have a robot in my house.But it might mess up everythings in my house.And it might do things i didn't say to do .So my answer is No


I do not want robots because they will mess up. We would be lazy if we had them too. We could use them for nurses but not to clean our room. If we made the mess we should clean it up.
I think that we shouldn't have robots because if we have them doing all of the chores and doing stuff for us then we would be laying around being lazy and what we really need to be doing is playing outside or hanging out with your friends and playing sports instead of being a slob and laying around doing nothing

Monday, April 5, 2010

shayla's thoughts about robots

NO Because it could mess up. And some people say that robots cant make mistakes. Well you no how us people make mistakes ALL OF THE TIME.But that's my oppion.

Maggie Thoughts about robots

No i dont want a robot. I dont want a robot because if it mess up it will wreck my house up.

Lynzee's opinion about robots

No, i don't think there should be robots in houses because people are already lazy without robots.So with robots people would never have to do anything like chores such as washing dishes and doing laundry.Plus robots might mess up and do things it's not supposed to do.